I want to incorporate some positive (and some humorous) quotes into my new workspace.  There are so many that I love so I decided to use the wasted, pretty much unusable, space next to the door as a quote wall.  I considered putting the quotes directly on the wall (printed on paper and then taped to the wall somehow), but decided against it.  This is what I came up with.  I plan to make a second one to hang below the light switch.  I'm pretty pleased with it. 

I have decided to move my craft room from the unfinished basement upstairs into what was my master bedroom.  I moved myself to a smaller bedroom so that I could have the largest (but still not big) bedroom for my craft room.  I had unlimited space in the basement so this is kind of a challenge to make it all fit.  Actually, I'm sure a lot of my surplus supplies will remain in the basement until I need them.  I will also be leaving my sewing supplies and my painting (I am attempting to become a "painter") in the basement.

I have most of the heavy work done.  The only piece of furniture that still needs to come up from the basement is my work table for the center of the room.  Then the fun begins - bringing up and organizing all the "stuff."  I don't have a lot of wall space left for decorating, but I do have some ideas. I can't wait until it is all done. It will be so nice to have it more accessible than it was in the basement.  I also like that it is in a finished room so it's going to be more inviting - and it has much better lighting.

The first project for my new craft room.

The hutch started out on the wall opposite the closet,
but had to be moved to make room for all the bookcases.
I wanted all the bookcases to be together.

The new location for the hutch.

All five bookshelves are in the room now.
I've collected these bookshelves one at a time over the years -
$25 each at Wal-mart.

Still things to clear out of the room and more things to add to the room.

I built the shelf between the hutch and the floating
shelves several years ago for canned goods. It has adjustable
shelves and is perfect for my ink pad holder that I got from
my sister. The floating shelves to the left were built to hold
my stamps - I plan on adding a few more. Eventually they will all
get painted white (I really need to have a paint day).  The Minnie Mouse
on the shelf was a gift to my daughter when she was 4 or 5.

I made the small floating shelves for my stamps. Definitely need to make
a few more. They were easy and cheap. I could probably fit 4 or 5 more there. 
I will never own that many ink pads so I may end up taking out some of the
dividers and storing some of my stamps on the ink pad shelf. The stamps
on top of the shelf are all Christmas stamps. I would like to be able to put all the
"like" stamps together - i.e. holidays, birthday, baby, thank you,
friend, flowers, etc. This is years' worth of collecting.

The closet.  I took the doors off so I could have the extra space.
I had planned to have all my paper racks in the closet, but had
to make room for this cabinet so one of my paper racks
(my stack of paper drawers) had to come out of the closet.

All the heavy work is done.  You can see the
stack of paper drawers sitting just outside the closet -
got these at a garage sale last year for a steal.  I think
each 3-drawer set cost me $2 - $3 - there are
6 of them stacked there. Wish I had more so
I could replace the icky wire shelf in the closet.

Not sure my cricut will stay where it is once the room is complete.