Over the years I've had various (unsuccessful) craft businesses, with various names.  No name ever seemed to be "the right one" so I would end up changing it.  Some names were too specific (Fairy Wings and Things, Brandy's Boutique), some were too juvenile (The Crafty Castle), some I got bored with (Heart's Creations) and some were just boring (Page 2 Design).  Recently I thought of a name I really loved (K Renee), but it was already taken and has a pretty strong online presence (a clothing line I think).  I tried to come up with a variation of it and temporarily settled on K Renee Design, but finally came to the conclusion the name was still too similiar to yet another (similar) business I found online.  Back to the drawing board.  About a month ago I settled on She Who Creates, which I thought was "the one."  I set up my etsy store, changed the name on my facebook (company) page and went about settling into the new name.  I don't know if it's my ADD or what, but I never could completely settle into the new name.

Over the weekend, while working in my craft room/basement trying to organize and clean so that I can start working on things for an upcoming craft show I thought to myself "I must make things."  That's it.  I've tried giving up crafts in the past, but I'm not happy if I don't include them in my life.  I love to make things.  Not one specific craft, but a wide variety of things.  I think the comment "jack of all trades, master of none" could apply to my style of crafting.  I like to dabble in different things, and I frequently get bored with what I'm making, but I always like making things. Sewing, paper crafting, painting primitive signs, etc.  So, Must Make Things it is.  Unfortunately, the name must make things is not available on blogger, so for now my blog address will stay the same.  And, for now, my etsy store will stay the same and it can be reached by going to MustMakeThings.com.
I've listed several items in my new Etsy Store.  Please stop by and have a look around! 

I finally got an Etsy store and it's open and ready for business.  Woo Hoo!  Please check it out. (I've also set up a second online store because I changed my name and will be closing the She Who Creates store once my listings expire. Check out Must Make Things)