I am so glad it's Friday.  I have so many things I want to get done this weekend.  I am hoping to get a large portion of my craft room cleaned and organized.  My craft room is in my unfinished basement.  The positive of that is I have a lot of room to spread out.  The negative is that because it is unfinished, it looks, well, unfinished.  The lighting is not very good and there are open rafters, the floor is bare concrete and so are the outside walls and there are no interior walls.  It's just one big room with my washer and dryer (on opposite walls), storage, etc.  I am a renter so there's not much I can do to change things.  I think I might hang some colorful fabric on the walls (in the area I have designated as my craft "room") and I am going to put together some bookshelves for storage. I don't have a lot of money to spend so I'm limited on what I can do (rugs are on my wish list).  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have some good progress pictures to post.