I did not get as much done in my craft room as I wanted, but I'm posting some progress pictures anyway.  I had other obligations today that kept from spending much time in the basement.  I have a long way to go on my craft room and the rest of the basement, but it is much improved.  I hung material on part of the wall and the other parts I hung beach mats that I got at Target. I like the darker beach mats best, but was only able to get two of them. I went to three different Targets.  I would rather have the pink material all over or the darker beach mats, but sometimes you just gotta make do with what you have. 

Along the back wall are two work tables that I built. I built the frames and then set a solid wood door on top of the frame for my work surface. I got the doors at the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store a couple of years ago for $20.00 each.  I want to get one more white bookcase to put alongside the others. I also would like to get another table like the one I have in the middle of the room.  I will eventually paint the little dressers with the yellow drawers white.  I got those for $4.00 each at a garage sale last weekend.  I need more storage containers for the shelves, but not sure yet what I need or want.  The plastic tubs on the shelves above the work table contain embellishments.  I have them sorted by type (animals, baby, family, etc) and labeled. The white baskets on the other work table contain a variety of items - paint, chalks, glue, etc. The other work table also holds all my machines - my cricut, my sizzix boutique embosser machine, bind-it-all and the My Story laminator. Next to that work table is a small cabinet (also needs painting) that I got at a garage sale for $2.00. Currently I have my stereo sitting on top and in the space where a television is supposed to go I have a slotted sorter that holds my cutters and my Scor-it. The striped boxes on the shelves next to the yellow dressers mostly contain mat stacks.  In the first picture below the two work tables are still piled with stuff to be sorted.

Eventually it is going to be as "cute" as a basement can be and functional . . . who knows how long it will take to accomplish.  :-)

I have worked on my craft room all day . . . although it's not quite ready for me to post pictures it's getting there.  I think by the end of tomorrow I should be ready to take some pictures.  It's looking pretty good.
I did not get enough work done to post progress pictures - hopefully I can use the long weekend coming up to get a lot more accomplished.  I went to several garage sales on Saturday and found some good deals for my craft room.  I got two three-drawer dressers for $4.00 each.  They are white with yellow drawers.  I will eventually paint them all white.  I also got another cabinet ($2.00) ~ it's got three drawers and then a space above where a television should go.  It's actually part of a child's armoire/entertainment center, but someone cut part of it off.  It's white, but needs to be repainted as well.  I also found some cool looking wire and wood baskets.  It's coming together, but I have a lot more to do.
I am so glad it's Friday.  I have so many things I want to get done this weekend.  I am hoping to get a large portion of my craft room cleaned and organized.  My craft room is in my unfinished basement.  The positive of that is I have a lot of room to spread out.  The negative is that because it is unfinished, it looks, well, unfinished.  The lighting is not very good and there are open rafters, the floor is bare concrete and so are the outside walls and there are no interior walls.  It's just one big room with my washer and dryer (on opposite walls), storage, etc.  I am a renter so there's not much I can do to change things.  I think I might hang some colorful fabric on the walls (in the area I have designated as my craft "room") and I am going to put together some bookshelves for storage. I don't have a lot of money to spend so I'm limited on what I can do (rugs are on my wish list).  Hopefully by the end of the weekend I'll have some good progress pictures to post. 

I enjoyed another evening learning how to make flowers from Melodie at Art from the Heart. Here are the flowers I made.

All five flowers.  The pink, green and blue ones are colored with water-based ink.
This is the card I made for my mom for Mother's Day using the Block Art Wild Flowers stamp from Stampendous!  The inside was stamped with Stampendous! Mom Friend Stamp "Mom another word for Friend"

Last night I attended a paper flowers class at the home of a new-found friend. It was such a good time. Melodie is amazingly talented, so creative and a super nice person.  I had a great time with the other ladies who also attended the class.  I'm looking forward to next week's class.

 The attendees:
That's me in the back.  In the front are Shawna (solid black top), Carrie (holding some of the flowers Melodie has done and is going to teach us how to do) and Nancy. 


Below are the flowers I made. The pink rose is the first one I did.  Not bad for a first time flower maker :-)

Be sure to check out Melodie's blog.  She will inspire you!  http://grandmasartfromtheheart.blogspot.com/

Today is the beginning of my new blogging adventure.  This is my first official post.  I set up a blog a couple of years ago, but never followed through with it ~ this time will be different.  I actually have three "new" blogs ~ this one for my creative side, I have a blog for my weightloss/life journey - My Life My Journey - and a private one that I set up for my granddaughter who has been kept from her father (my son) and all of us by her biological mother and her family.  I am considering writing a blog for my grandson(s) as well, but will have to see how I do with these first.